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5 wonderful benefits of a workation

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over 1 year ago

by Aurora

​As we all know, the way employees work has changed over the past few years, no thanks to the pandemic. On the bright side however, companies have adapted to the situation where innovative processes and advanced technologies are implemented. New buzzwords in the workplace have been introduced such as WFH (work from home), and currently, one of the trending buzzwords - you might or might not have heard - workation.

So, what is workation? Workation derives from the words 'work' and 'vacation', where work and leisure are combined to allow employees to relax and be more productive.

Just like applying for leave at your company, you should always schedule your workation in advance and go through the proper channels to ensure that everybody is on the same page. Now that you have an idea on how workation works, it’s time to dive into its benefits:​

1. Increases productivity

Workations can greatly benefit your mental health and, in turn, increase your productivity at your workplace. By getting out of your home, you can explore new places in your downtime. Perhaps you need a change of scenery from a busy place for a while, then a workation by the beach may increase your capacity to work and even inspire your work process to get your momentum flowing.​

2. Improves well-being and reduces burnout​

Since workations provide flexible working hours, they can help employees create free time and reduce burnout. Depending on the job, an employee can finish assigned work in short milestones with several breaks and spend them on activities they usually have limited time for when working in the office. The idea is that they won't stay chained to their work desk the whole day, preventing burnout.​

3. Lowers employee turnover

Throughout the pandemic, some workers have enjoyed working remotely so much that, according to a survey by Bloomberg, 39% of employees would consider resigning if their employers were not flexible about remote work. Considering that remote work is an integral part of workations, implementing them in your business can be a way of retaining your best talent​.

4. Higher quality of work from employees​

Remote work, as the foundation of workations, reduces distractions associated with in-office work. Fewer distractions may mean less pressure and stress. Employees being more calm and relaxed will definitely produce better work, and hence increase the quality of work in the company. Also, workations can help avoid work being backlogged as compared to taking a vacation, where you might need to face a pile of tasks when you’re back in the office.​

5. Trust and loyalty is formed​

By taking a workation, you are sending a message to your employer that you cherish your work-life balance. This balance is essential to maintaining healthy relationships in both the personal and professional parts of your life.​

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