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Life at Aurora

At Aurora Talent, we believe that being effective, productive, and motivated starts from inside the office. We nurture and maintain a culture that empowers people to attain their personal and professional goals, and we live by that.

A close-knit culture that thrives with success

We are volunteers

We volunteer our time and support, giving back to society by collaborating with organisations whose work improves communities and lives, as part of our CSR initiative.

We practise work-life balance

We encourage a healthy work-life balance for employees, so they can perform their best in the company. We understand that time and space are important for every individual.

We encourage an eco-friendly workplace

We practise the 3Rs (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) concept in an effort to go green. At Aurora Talent, we believe in making a positive impact on the environment that we live in.

We are invested in each other’s success

We are committed to mentoring and learning together; we view success through teamwork and shared outcomes. At the end of the day, we celebrate each other’s success in true team spirit.

We embrace a diverse culture

We celebrate all the unique qualities our employees bring with them, and we believe that diversity is what makes us thrive. Our differences are our strength. When we work together to find a solution, we consistently deliver multiple positive outcomes.

Benefits and endless opportunities

We Trust & Care

We don’t believe in a micromanaging culture because our community is built on a solid foundation of trust and because we value our employees’ wellbeing. We provide twenty days annual leave which increases with service.

Work Hard & Play Hard

We work hard in the office together, but we also play hard after working hours. We believe it is important to spend time bonding with one another to strengthen our relationship as a team through outing activities.

Career Advancement & Global Opportunities

We offer a clear career path for employees to develop their careers within the business. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia and the UK, our employees have the opportunity to advance their career and relocate to any of our locations. We are currently looking at some exciting new places to expand to soon, so watch this space.

Personal and Professional Growth

We believe in developing the skills and values of our employees through ongoing training and development to implement best industry practices that will ensure a sustained competitive edge.

Freedom of Expression

We practise transparent and honest communication in all interactions, hence we ensure that our employees genuinely enjoy working in an open and collaborative environment.

Performance Incentives

We recognise hard work, and we appreciate our employees by providing excellent individual and team incentives and bonuses throughout the year to celebrate our wins.

Most importantly, we are an ambitious team that is driven by a positive growth-minded culture. There is more to life than work at Aurora Talent and we ensure that working here will never be a chore, but instead will be a personally fulfilling and professionally rewarding opportunity.

Interested in working with us?

We welcome results-oriented and motivated individuals to join our ambitious team at any of our offices in Singapore, Malaysia and the UK. Contact us to discuss your career path at Aurora Talent today.