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6 top tips for nailing a job interview

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over 2 years ago

by Aurora

Good news! you received the golden call or basically an email from a hiring manager or a professional recruiter letting you know that they’d like you to attend an interview. But due to the unprecedented shifts caused by the pandemic, a virtual interview has become the norm these days.

Yes, your resume and portfolio were impressive enough to land you the interview. All you must do now, is seal the deal. However, this is the most challenging part of the job seeking process. Hence, we have rounded up top tips to help you put your best foot forward and nail that interview!


1.     Prepare adequately

If you are preparing for a virtual interview, do test your internet connection and ensure that it works without glitches to avoid disrupted connection. Other than that, remember to:

·       Research the organisation

·       Understand the scope of the role

·       Know who you are meeting

·       Be on time!

Tips: LinkedIn is a great platform to do your research and homework.


2.     Be clear exactly on why you want the job

You must be able to articulate why you are looking to move on from your current employer, and why this particular opportunity attracts you. You need to be specific with exactly what career advancement are you after -is it more of a promotion or the opportunity to explore a new industry?

Tips: Never badmouth your previous employer even if you had a negative experience.


3.     Identify key reasons why they should hire you

Be confident about the value you can add to the business. If you are confident in your ability to do the job, then the interviewer will believe it as well. This is often best illustrated by articulating key achievements in your past job experiences.

Tips: Research thoroughly about the company and prepare examples of your accomplishments in previous employments.


4.     Anticipate the unexpected

Sometimes interviewers like to see how you would react and think on the spot to difficult questions. Don’t panic when this happens. Be confident, take a deep breath and let your answer flow naturally.

Tips: Build a rapport with the interviewer by conversing on a neutral topic.


5.     Have a list of relevant questions to ask

This is an opportunity for both you and the employer to make an informed decision about your suitability for the role. Asking questions is also a way to let the interviewer know that you are interested in the role and the company.

Tips: Ask questions relevant to the company, such as the company’s culture, and performance expectations (goals).


6.     A personal touch is always a positive touch

It is a nice touch to send a concise follow-up email to the interviewer for taking the time to speak with you. It also shows that you are considerate and helps you stand out from the crowd!

Tips: This is also an opportunity to resell yourself and share points you may have forgotten to address during the interview.


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