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5 ways flexible work can benefit both employees and companies...

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almost 2 years ago

by Aurora

​With advancements in technology giving people the ability to access information wherever they are, it's not necessary for employees to work in an office from 9-6 to be productive. Although, there are still companies that are hesitant to offer a flexible working arrangement, thinking that this approach will mean only benefitting the employees and not the company. The fact is, this arrangement could benefit both sides by improving work-life balance for employees and their overall contribution to the company. If your business and its employees are struggling with long commutes and poor productivity, perhaps you should look into a flexible working arrangement. Take it from us, at Aurora Talent we offer a flexible working arrangement and it’s one of our biggest perks.

Here are 5 benefits a flexible working arrangement can give you and your employees.


It’s a great recruitment tool

Offering a flexible working arrangement provides your company with greater options and creates a greater pool of talent for them to choose from when looking to hire new talent. It’s a very competitive job market today; that’s why being able to offer incentives like flexible hours can be so crucial in attracting top talent.

It’s cost-effective and efficient

Flexible working offers benefits on both sides. For an employer, a remote workforce means cutting down expenses on individual office spaces and utilising a shared or co-working space. Whereas, for the employee, it cuts down on travel costs and unnecessary travelling. Both sides can save on costs and encourage an eco-friendly culture. At Aurora Talent, we believe in having a positive impact on the environment we live in.

Increased loyalty, reduced turnover

Business owners understand how important employee retention is and how very expensive persistent problems with employee turnover can be. By giving your employees the ability to work flexibly, you are empowering them to use their time wisely. Sure, time management becomes an important factor, but once you demonstrate trust to your employees – when you give them the extra freedom to work – they’ll give it their all, as well as their commitment and loyalty to the company.

Greater productivity
Expecting each employee to reach their peak performance during the 9-6 workweek can be a bit too ambitious. When an employee is bounded by rigid work hours, they spend more time looking at the clock than being productive. Different people work better at different times and places, and by allowing them to work flexibly when they work, companies can see a significant boost in productivity.

Most importantly - an improved company culture

For flexible working to work, a company’s culture must be prioritised. If it is done wrong, it’s isolating. But if it is done right, flexible working means employees will put in that extra bit of effort to communicate and collaborate, resulting to a more connected and in-sync company. At Aurora Talent, we give our employees the trust, and in return they all work as a team and perform their best in the company.

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