Electrical Engineer

Job type: Permanent
Contact name: Jasmine Haqueen

Contact email: jasmine@aurora-talent.com
Job ref: 33525
Published: 11 months ago

Overall Job Purpose :

To independently define the concepts and prepare the critical engineering deliverables of Electrical, manage and deliver the engineering deliverables for the assigned project effectively and efficiently according to the specified technical requirements, timelines and budget, and resolve all issues of the project (may include Construction, Commissioning and Offshore assignment). 

Core responsibilities : 

  1. Understands the specific specifications and requirements of the assigned project (may include Construction, Commissioning and Offshore assignment) and Industry Standard, Classification Society and Regulatory requirements.
  2. Develops engineering specifications (drawings, data sheets, etc) specific to the assigned project and validates them with the Lead Engineer before incorporating them in the RFQs.
  3. Independently evaluates all the bids received for electrical packages from various suppliers, performs a technical bid evaluation process, involves in cost estimation, ensures selected vendors meet technical/engineering and delivery requirements as stipulated in the project specifications and gives assessment to the Buyer who will follow up in the tender evaluation, price negotiation and award process.
  4. Conducts kick-off meetings with selected vendors to clarify issues and freeze the scope of the project, prepares and ensures the timely provision of accurate documents and specifications to the successful vendors to enable the latter to execute their work and deliverables.
  5. Independently evaluates the electrical requirement for mechanical packages in Marine & Topside, contributes to technical bid evaluation process, ensures selected vendors meet technical/engineering and delivery requirements as stipulated in the project specifications
  6. Independently performs the Load Flow, Short Circuit and Motor Starting studies on ETAP software and analyses the study results.
  7. Independently develops solutions to technical/engineering and related problems by analyzing the issues/data  , interpreting the analysis and evaluating various options/measures using experience, precedents and professional references.
  8. Visits suppliers, checks and tests electrical items to ensure that they function as per specifications. Where necessary, works with the suppliers/contractors concerned to rectify the technical issues & making sure that they comply with the specifications and are ready on time.
  9. Participates in meetings, reviews progress and addresses interface/implementation/execution issues, escalates where necessary to ensure that the project proceeds timely and smoothly.
  10. Provides technical/engineering support and advice to Construction/Commissioning work at site, trouble shoots and follows up to rectify the gaps or problems. Where necessary, provides off-site support and advice.
  11. Is responsible for capturing lessons learned in his/her functional area, entering in MIMS and closing out project related MIMS actions

HSEQ Requirements and Code of Conduct :

  1. HSEQ: Complies with the relevant clauses of company’s HSEQ Code of Conduct as described in the HSEQ Policies, 14 HSEQ Standards, and HSEQ Procedures to protect people and the environment at all times. Has a duty of care to ensure that all personnel work in a manner that is not harmful to their own health and safety and the health and safety of others.
  2. Compliance: Complies with Company’s Code of Business Conduct & Ethics and Policies to ensure business activities and decisions conform to the laws and regulations and demonstrates
    high standard of ethical behaviour.

Qualifications & Experience : 

  1. Bachelor in Electrical Engineering or Master of Engineering. Alternatively, Diploma in Electrical Engineering with relevant years of working experience.
  2. Minimum 7 years of relevant working experience in electrical engineering in oil and gas sector for graduates or 12 or more years of relevant working experience for diploma holders. For Master degree holder, minimum of 6 years relevant working experience.
  3. Comprehensive Knowledge of functionality of FPSO