Head of Development

Job type: Permanent
Contact name: Rebecca Aw

Contact email: rebecca@aurora-talent.com
Job ref: 33349
Published: about 1 year ago
Startdate: 01 December 2022 - 01 December 2022


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Head of Development



My client is an innovation leader who is delivering cutting-edge eSIM solutions to a global customer base. eSIM is set to revolutionize the way Mobile Operators acquire new customers and allow Mobile Operators to deliver truly digital customer experiences.

Job Description

  • The successful candidate will lead the software and systems development team working on front and back-end micro services supporting customers and internal-facing web applications and mobile apps.

  • The candidate will report to the Chief Development Officer.

  • The candiate will proactively support the Chief Development Officer in achieving whatever objectives are set out by the leadership team.

  • The head of development will be a hands-on engineer who works as a software engineer delivering their own code, reviewing code and assisting the team with their coding.

  • The head of development will recommend systems, architectures, tools, and other things that will help achieve individual and team goals and ultimately deliver a more valuable product to our customers.

  • The head of development will attend the daily standup meeting and actively participate. They will also join other informational and functional meetings as required.

  • The candidate will act as a mentor to all team members, helping to build the knowledge and skillset of individuals and the team.

  • The candidate will be actively involved in the project management determining costs and time estimates for tasks and stories seeking input from the development team including software engineers, dev-ops engineers, specialists, and UI/UX Engineers.

  • The head of development will continuously examine resources, budget, and timelines projecting resources needed to meet budget and timeline, and advocating and projecting future needs, as well as rapidly responding to new business and projects that may require additional unplanned resourcing.


  • Experience in developing software to support mobile service provider systems and architecture, specifically eSIM related components and protocols including SMDP+, HLR, DES, Diameter Protocol, and more

  • Experience building a public cloud SAAS platform including security, scale, disaster recovery, resiliency and reliability, high performance, and unique data residency requirements.

  • Experience with multi-cloud approaches with AWS, GCP, Azure, and others to minimize cost and vendor lock-in with tools such as terraforming to dynamically scale and relocate systems throughout the design, development, testing and operation of the web-based applications and infrastructure as code.

  • Experience with JSON/Rest, SOAP, XML and other remote API usage

  • Experience leading agile software development teams

  • Ability to coach, mentor and develop the team

  • Experience with the MEAN stack

  • Software and systems architecture experience

  • Network and security knowledge and experience

  • Understanding of secure coding practices

  • Solid AWS platform experience

  • Candidates should have extensive experience with Jira, Git, Docker, Jenkins, and other Dev/Ops tools.

  • Experience with *nix environment.

  • Experience working in a highly collaborative team.

  • Record of accomplishment for successful project delivery

  • A computer science degree and/or similar and relevant experience required.