Piping Marine Engineers

Job type: Permanent
Job ref: 33852
Published: about 1 month ago
To independently handle the piping activities, prepare, manage, and produce the critical engineering deliverables for the assigned project (that may include short-term assignment to Construction, Commissioning, and Offshore) effectively and efficiently according to the specified technical requirements, timelines and within budget, and deal independently with and resolve all the issues of the project, and provide guidance to the assigned members.
Core Responsibilities
  • Works independently to perform the assigned task and develops solutions to technical/engineering and related problems by analyzing the issue or data, interpreting the analysis, and evaluating various options/measures using experience, precedents, and professional references with minimal or no supervision or guidance.
  • Understand technical requirements of project specifications and standards, local statutory and regulatory requirements, Classification society requirements, and applicable codes and standard industry practices to carry out the piping activities and prepare piping deliverables for assigned projects.
  • Prepares the piping design specification, and criteria for pipe supporting and pipe support specification by using and modifying the company corporate specifications suitably to match the project-specific requirements.
  • Prepares piping stress analysis specification by using the company corporate specifications and modifying them suitably to meet the project-specific requirements.
  • Prepares piping standard detail drawings using the company corporate piping standard detail drawings and modifies them where required to meet the project requirement.
  • Prepares piping fabrication specification, piping insulation specification, and flange management specification (bolt torquing and tensioning) by using the company corporate specifications and modifying these to meet the project requirements.
  • Prepares bill of materials for piping bulk items (like pipe, flanges, and fittings), valves, piping specialty items, gaskets, stud bolts and nuts, and pipe support materials.
  • Provides piping weight inputs for weight control reports.
  • Prepares data sheets for process-critical and non-critical piping specialty items, obtaining the process parameters required for the design and manufacturing of process-critical items.
  • Enable to review supplier drawings/documents and share the relevant data with the engineering contractor to get it incorporated in piping layout design. And works closely with engineering contractors to resolve technical issues.
  • Prepares equipment layout, piping routing layout, skid package interfaces, and tie-ins for topsides, reviews piping isometrics, and participates in 3D Model reviews.
  • As part of hull marine activities, provides inputs for Conversion and repair specification, prepares to rip out plans, machinery arrangement layout, and piping arrangement guidance drawings for hull marine contractor to perform the work accordingly.
  • Carries out the piping stress analysis of all critical lines using the project-specific data and environmental conditions at the fabrication yard, during transport, and at the operating location of the facility to satisfy the project and applicable code requirements.
    • Coordinates with engineering contractor to implement flexibility analysis findings in selecting piping support regarding support type, loads on restraints, and special support requirements.
    • Prepares data sheets and details for spring supports taking inputs from stress analysis reports.
    • Carries out surge analysis for cargo offloading system, sea water lift pump system, and fire water system and reviews the contractor-prepared documents and piping arrangement layout drawings.
  • Reviews the isometric of all critical lines to verify that the support locations and support type align with the flexibility analysis report and are adequate to withstand the expected loading conditions.
  • Provides technical support and advice to construction yard and commissioning work at the site. Where necessary, provides off-site support and guidance.
  • When assigned to the construction site, checks and verifies the piping supports are constructed and installed as per isometrics and support drawing details ensuring support functionality in operating condition and providing resolutions to piping material queries originating from the construction site.
  • Supports the Lead Piping Engineer and assists in preparing lessons learned during the course of execution of the project for further processing through MIMS.
  • Shares the knowledge and experience with team members and guides the engineers in carrying out the assigned task in right and efficiently.
Relevant Experience:
Minimum 15 years of relevant working experience in piping engineering in the oil and gas sector, preferably in FPSO or Offshore processing facilities for graduates or a minimum of 12 years of relevant working experience for diploma holders. For a Masters’s degree holder, at least 10 years of relevant working experience.