Pre-Qualification Coordinator

Job type: Permanent
Job ref: 33867
Published: 17 days ago
•Plan and execute subcontractor pre-qualification process. Ensure prequalification of subcontractors who have potential to do business with company are carried out ethically, efficiently, and expeditiously.
•Comply with prequalification policies and procedures for subcontractor pre-qualification, i.e., Evaluate and analyze incoming subcontractor request submitted by various department leads to determine compliance to policies and procedures before kick-starting the prequalification process.
•Process and analyze subcontractor data submitted for pre-qualification. Determine if documents are sufficient for review and assessment by the respective approver.
•Data entry into SharePoint and SAP to capture all subcontractor information and documents including but not limited to company name, address, vendor vetting tier, level, expiry date etc.
•Maintain and develop subcontractor prequalification register.
•Participate in monthly vendor master meeting to ensure all data captured in SAP is aligned with subcontractor prequalification system.
•Issue and prepare subcontractor pre-qualification status reports on a monthly basis.
•Arrange and attend meeting with subcontractors when required.
•Diploma or Degree in Supply Chain Management, Contracts, Law, Engineering, Project Management
•Certificate in Supply Chain Management is preferred.
•Minimum 3 years professional experience in Construction / Oil & Gas Industry or experience related to Subcontractor management
•Experience with supply chain management and subcontractor quality systems.
•Must have thorough understanding of strategic subcontractor management, internal and customer specifications for the services required.
•Experience working in a global and virtual environment, both internally and with subcontractors
•Familiar with subcontractor capabilities including quality, capacity, NDE capabilities, etc.
•Experience in using Microsoft Office apps and SAP system.