Reservoir Engineer

Job type: Permanent
Job ref: 33933
Published: about 1 month ago

Reservoir Engineer


Ideal Experience


  1. Minimum Requirement: B.S. / M.S. in Petroleum Engineering (preferred) or Mechanical Engineering.
  2. 10-15 years of work experience in Engineering technical support role within operator OR consultancy role in Oil and Gas Industry.
  3. Operator work experience as Petroleum Engineering / Completions / Reservoir Engineer would be beneficial but not mandatory.
  4. Sound work experience skills set in performing well and reservoir simulations for conventional & unconventional well completions including horizontal, multi-zone, multi-lateral well projects in oil and gas fields.
  5. Work experience with industry known petro-technical software to perform well and reservoir studies, more specifically in design of conventional and advanced well completion solutions for oil & gas fields.
  6. Strong work experience in well flow performance & optimization (nodal analysis), well trajectory validation, well completion integrity, reservoir simulations, transient well testing evaluation, sand / inflow control and integrated well performance modeling and optimization, transient flow evaluation (CCUS experience a plus).
  7. Good knowledge on standard well completion equipment and functionality.
  8. Sound presentation skill, multi-tasking work projects, commitment to deliver projects on priority, ability to work primarily independently on assigned projects with minimal supervision and also a good team player.


Knowledge of some of the below software is of particular interest.


  • NETool
  • WellCat
  • WellPlan
  • Nexus Reservoir Simulator
  • Gohfer
  • DTS Plato
  • FracproPT
  • Kappa - Saphir
  • Kappa - Rubis
  • QuikLook
  • Prosper
  • MBal
  • GAP
  • PipeSim
  • PipeFlo
  • LedaFlow
  • OLGA
  • FlareSim
  • Hysys
  • StressCheck
  • OptiCem
  • AssetConnect
  • OFM
  • HPTK
  • DecisionSpace Production Engineering
  • Petrel RE / Eclipse
  • CMG
  • TNavigator
  • REFProp
  • Simulift